About Us

In 2001 Chase and Debi Herrick purchased Stumpy’s Pizza and Subs. Since that time, the self proclaimed “old school mom and pop pizza shop” has earned a cult following from neighborhood residents and beyond.

Chase and Debi’s story begins long before that, however. The high school sweethearts both have a background in the food service industry, having worked at local pizza joints such as NYPD and Streets of New York. In fact, they worked together at the latter where their love for each other and the restaurant industry developed.

Very much a family establishment, Stumpy.s Pizza and Subs features menu items inspired by Chase’s Italian heritage. “My mother was Italian. I have been around pizza all my life. I understand what makes a good pizza.”

Good pizza begins with high-quality ingredients according to Chase. “We use real mozzarella from Wisconsin, which has the best cheese in America in my opinion, and only the highest quality tomatoes,”

Some of the most popular dishes on Stumpy’s menu, beyond the great pizza of course, are the sandwiches. Chase says “You can order our sandwiches hot or cold, but 90% of the people order our Classic Italian hot.” The Big Dipper with roast beef, smoked provolone and garlic butter on a crispy Italian roll is the second most popular. Chase adds their homemade mayo’s, including habanero and chipotle flavors, which set off any sandwich.

Speaking of homemade, everything on the menu is made from scratch. Chase says the menu stays true to the pizza and subs concept. there are a few classic Italian dishes, including lasagna, manicotti and baked ziti that are “unusually Great.”